Great turnout at the Friday Night Intra-squad game. We played from 6PM till sunset with Tommy’s Troublemakers defeating Viktor’s Vultures, and Kristian’s Kamikazes by of score of 25-4-4. Few of the age 15+ Division 3 Sleepwalkers have seen little 10 year old Gyuri and U12 National Team selection Matyi hit (maybe the word is ‘crush’?) the ball this season and when they were put on a team with Tom Benko, Doug Coppage, Joe Bowman, & Roli Racz the Vultures and Kamikazes stood little chance.
Thanks for all the additional support from the parents and coach Andras. Pizza and cold drinks in the bleachers at sunset was especially nice. Thanks Beni for supplying the drinks, Trish for the Chips & Salsa; and, Eva, Izabella, Radka, & Vera for their support of the players.
Still need to get regular commitments from more players (Xaver B, Krisztian M. Máté O. Máté K. Milan M., Andras J. Adam B. Benedek F. ….ARE YOU LISTENING!!!) ,so we can make this a regular Friday night thing. Thanks also to Doug for bringing his nephew Noah from Virginia to play. Great night.

For any local residents of Szentendre that want to give the game a try it is a great opportunity to come and try your abilities. We need to recruit about a dozen more players ages 9 to Adult so we can form 5 age group teams for the 2018 season which starts next April. We particularly welcome any current or former Kezilabda players and Vizalabda players  Our experience shows there’s not a whole lot of difference between propelling a baseball accurately at very high speeds vs tossing the over-inflated balls in those sports….it’s just that a baseball has a lot more ‘impact’. “Throw” in the fact that the top pitcher in Major League Baseball made about 30 million Euro last season (for only pitching in his teams every fourth game!) vs the pay for a top Vizalabda player…hmmm?, maybe time for some Hungarian cross-training? 😀