1. 2019 Hungary Cup Tournament dates announced.
  2. SZS u15 team travels to Jaszberney for season opener
  3. Baseball Boot-Camps in March. The search for new players.
  4. Matyi Apáti-Deli & György Lazar selected to U12 National Team
  5. Sleepwalkers 2018 Winter Practice schedule


General Question

For the 2017 season we have entered a LITTLE LEAGUE MINORS team (ages 7-13) and a Division III team (ages 14 and up). Currently we have ages ranging from 6 up to 58. With enough new players we hope to add a JUNIORS/SENIORS team for ages 13-17 in the 2018 season.

Of course. We find that between the ages of 8 and 13 they often become the strongest players on many of the youth teams in Hungary. Several of the current Hungarian teams also have competitive fast-pitch softball for girls over the age of 13. The rules are identical to baseball so it is always up to the individual player to decide if they want to pursue softball or stick with baseball.

The first competitive games are usually held in early April and run through the first week of June. Here in Hungary they usually take a break over the summer (since many players are on Holiday) and then return for games held in September & October.

Winter practices are held from January to April every Sunday at Military Academy indoor gym in Szentendre. Pracrtice usually runs from 14:00 to 16:15. We go outside and use the football field when weather permits.

During the season we try have twice a week practice at the Izbeg Sports Palya. These are currently being held on Wednesday and Fridays between the hours of 16:30 and 18:30. On Wednesdays we work on fielding; on Fridays we do batting practice.

Games are usually scheduled on Saturdays & Sundays from April till mid June. Additional post-season games for the Adult Leagues are held in September & October

4000HUF/month. Most of this covers gym rental and the upkeep of the Izbeg Baseball Field. Uniforms are provider to the MINORS age group players. Ages 14-19 are expected to pay for their official Sleepwalkers Baseball Jersey & Baseball Cap (10,000HUF with name & number). Adults are expected to pay for their entire uniform (pants, jersey, cap, belt).

All equipment (bats, gloves, helmets) are provided. We find that most players eventually purchase their own gloves & bats once they decide to continue with the game. Regulation baseball shoes (with Metal Cleats) are optional. Most players use soccer shoes.

In February & March many clubs offer indoor tournaments with modified rules for ages 13 & under. In September the top teams in each division play a championship tournament. In June there are selection camps for youth players in three age groups to see if they can qualify for the Hungarian National Team. In 2017 the various age group teams will play for the European Championship in Italy, Poland, & the Netherlands. The champions of this European tournament goes to the US to play in the International Little League tournament.

The two most important aspects for success are good hand-eye coordination and the ability to think quickly. Hitting a fast moving ball that is only 9cm in circumference with a bat that is no more than 6.6cm in width is considered one of the toughest things to so in ALL sports. A well hit ball leaves the bat at the MLB level in excess of 180kph arriving at a fielder in less than 6/10 second.

As for the ‘thinking part’; baseball has nothing to do with putting a ball into a goal. It is 3 hours of anticipating what will happen with the next thrown ball. Each pitch means something different in terms of what could happen. How many outs, what is the score, what inning is it, are there runners on base, how fast are those runners, how fast is the batter, what base do I throw to if I field it cleanly, which if I don’t, where do I go if it is hit to one of my 8 teammates; and that is just on defense. On offense, the options multiply with a smart team that knows how to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of both their players and the opposing teams.

As for ‘Physical attributes’? Check out any MLB team, it can range from short stocky  players to long tall players to skinny lightening-fast players so there is no one type of physic for a game like baseball. In the 2009 MLB season the players heights ranged from 165cm to 210cm.