1. 2019 Hungary Cup Tournament dates announced.
  2. SZS u15 team travels to Jaszberney for season opener
  3. Baseball Boot-Camps in March. The search for new players.
  4. Matyi Apáti-Deli & György Lazar selected to U12 National Team
  5. Sleepwalkers 2018 Winter Practice schedule

Szentendre Sleepwalkers NBIII

#12Ferenc BorosSzS NB3Second base43HUN3rd year00Bats Right/Throws Right
#13Máté SzentgyörgyiSzentendre SleepwalkersSecond base19Hungary 2nd year00R/R
#2Benedek FarkasSzentendre SleepwalkersThird base19Hungary 4th year00Bats Right/Throws Right
#20Máté OroszSzS NB3Third base20Hungary 3rd year00Bats Right/Throws Right
#21Levente VassSzS NB3Center field20Hungary 1st year00R/R
#22Levente CsallöSzentendre SleepwalkersPitcher-LHP20Hungary 4th year00R/L
#23Krisztián MátyásSzS NB3Catcher20Hungary 3rd year00Bats Switch/Throws Right
#24Zsófia NèmethSzS NB3Second base20Hungary 3rd year00Bats Right/Throws Right
#45Vigh IstvanSzS NB3Utility Outfielder48HUN1st year00R/R
1 Tamás FarkasSzS NB3First base2HUN1 yr 00R/R
4Arzén PókosSzS NB3Third base2HUN1 yr 00R/R
5Junior HárkalySzS NB3Pitcher-RHP2HUN3rd year00R/R
7Dominik FarkasSzS NB3Center field2HUN1 year00R/R
27Marton SzaszköSzS NB3Right field37HUN2nd year00L/L
54Lapis ÁronSzentendre SleepwalkersCatcher, Left field20Hungary 2nd year00R/R
89Nathan JohnsonSzS NB3First base56USA10 years00R/R